A Self-Regulatory Approach to Assessment in Higher Education

This resource outlines a self-regulatory approach to assessment and provides a self-regulatory framework that can be used within and across institutions to develop students and staff self-regulatory approaches at individual, team, and organisational levels.

The resource is especially useful in supporting student transitions into, through, and beyond higher education using assessment as the vehicle to support the student journey across the lifecycle.

This resource comprehensively explores self-regulation research and its effective application to assessment design within higher education. It highlights the importance of a focus on high level self-regulatory skills (knowing what strategies are most appropriate to use in any given situation, and deploying them to best effect). The EAT Framework is used as the overarching assessment framework to support student self-regulatory development. The resource was developed as part of an ERASMUS+ project with the universities of Cardiff and Bristol in the UK, University of Minho, Portugal, University of Zaragoza, Spain and EUROGEO, Belgium.

The Supporting Transitions Checklist

The Supporting Transitions Checklist is used to support student access to and success in higher education by promoting their self-regulatory skills development through consideration of cognitive, metacognitive and affective dimensions of practice.

The EAT Self Regulatory Skills Framework (EAT SRS)

This is the original version of the self-regulatory skills framework used to inform the development of the Self-Regulatory Approach to Assessment in Higher Education resource.